Tim Nunn


Started working as a photographic assistant, what luck! no qualifications needed- soon got the opportunity to move into commercials production.

Followed the standard 80’s promotion formula, the 3 B’s = boozing, blagging & blackmail and a heavy dusting of dedication & hard work.

Found my young Production Family at HLA, and for the next 10 years learnt my trade working with some of the best and most talented people in the Industry.

A spell at Hungry Man, gave me a more global view of the business as an Exec, and subsequently working as both an Exec and Freelance Producer at an array of top London Prod Co’s, with the very best Directors and talent,
continues to provide some good challenges and amazing experiences.

I have worked extensively around the UK and worldwide, I like to laugh, work with a happy and hard working team and try to keep the job in perspective.

I can also look stern and moody..(see photo)