Tex Travi


Growing up I wanted to be a professional footballer, but just as I played my first game for Southend Utd’s first team I also attended my first rave. Music won, but a few years later standing on the stage at Camden’s Dublin Castle I realized I couldn’t sing. Just when my future working tables and bars looked inevitable, I was handed this bible of a book, The Knowledge.

In a couple of short years, I was given way more responsibility than my experience deserved, but I loved every moment of it. And over 20 years later I still do. Producing for the last 17, I have worked with a whole host of talented directors including Jim Gilchrist, Owen Harris, Ellen Kuras and James Rouse.

I consider myself a creative producer who enjoys the challenge of a lean budget as much as the big fun stuff. I love everything that day to day production throws up and working in a safe, friendly, hard working environment is something I pride myself on creating.

It’s been an amazing journey, and with the odd 5-a-side and Xmas karaoke I think everyone would agree, I ended up in the right place!