We at RED are pledging our commitment to raise awareness and take action to try and rectify the serious imbalance of the lack of diverse representation within our industry, of race, gender, sexual orientation and disability.

Action for Allyship (A4A)

Action for Allyship (A4A)

We are trying to be better allies. We all have a lot of work to do. We encourage you all to keep our sets, offices and all work environments as diverse and inclusive as possible. We will certainly be doing all we can to facilitate this.

Entry points into this industry have always been difficult for those without friends and family already within the business or for those without the means to support themselves whilst partaking in work as a trainee or more junior roles.

As a result of our commitment to implement change we have set up the RED Action for Allyship programme. We have a process that connects newcomers to the business with our existing crew, production companies, post houses, camera houses and beyond to offer mentoring and support. We have taken advice and guidance from various charities and organisations in order to gain access to the very people who need this the most.

This is a business of brilliant creative thinkers, of innovators and image makers, of people used to thinking outside the box, the process of film making only works when every single person involved is active, so let’s be active here. Let’s make it better for the next generations coming through, let’s work hard to make this industry accessible to everyone.

We stand together with all those working towards this future.

To apply for a place on the programme or for more information please click the button.

Jess & Helena.