Sean Cotter

1st assistant director

I have spent the last 25 + years working as a London based 1st Assistant Director and have been fortunate enough to AD on well over 1000 commercial projects. My training makes me a safe pair of hands and I come with a clear understanding of the production company, agency, client dynamic.
Experienced in traditional single camera coverage, multi camera, motion control, high speed, virtual background, motion capture, live events, hidden camera, food shoots, animation, and live television, I have also managed numerous car shoots utilizing, tracking vehicles, low-loaders, flip rigs, car mounts, U-crane etc. In addition, I have a practical understanding of stunt disciplines including wire work, high falls, cars, explosions, firearms, underwater work and animals including horses, lions, wolves and snakes.
Whether working with actors, non-actors, celebrities, super models, sports-people, royalty, children, small ensembles, large crowds or animals I always ensure best practice and an efficient, welcoming and inclusive set for all. I am also always happy to have a discussion about any upcoming shoots you may have on a no commitment basis.