Lottie Taylor

production assistant


My first steps into production occurred aged one and a half at Eclipse’s offices in 1999. Suffice to say, they didn’t hire infants, so I had to wait until my 20s to enter the industry I’ve always loved.

Growing up around our industry I’ve gradually developed a knowledge of the production process, from pitching through to delivery. It was only after a change in life circumstances I felt brave enough to give production my best go, and now adore applying and developing these skills personally on each job. I also have a history of working agency-side, with this a strong understanding of the pressures and demands they face, which I have no doubt helps my approach on a production team.

Call sheets, movement orders and the rest bring me immense satisfaction. Nothing, however, makes me more happy, grateful and fulfilled than meeting and working with both new and familiar faces in the vast array of environments we find ourselves in.

Every project I work on I approach with enthusiasm, determination and a consistent, reliable work ethic. I hope to join you on one soon! Lottie x

PS. My car is like Mary Poppins’ handbag – it fits a remarkable amount of production supplies, considering its size. Very useful in certain moments.