Kat Armour-Brown


Kat Armour-Brown is a freelance producer with extensive experience in both live action and animation.

Her first job as a producer was stepping in, with a day’s notice, to produce a shoot in New York with the iconic photographer Corinne Day.

Since then, she has clocked up over 20 years of experience working on commercials and can make raw chicken fillets look appetising as well as bring high end electric car batteries to life in a snow storm on a glacier.

Career highlights include successfully throwing James Blunt off a cliff, convincing Benedict Cumberbatch to continue filming in the middle of a hurricane and shutting down the Place Vendome in Paris by winning over the local transport police.

With an innate ability to shield her directors from unnecessary stress, she is equally comfortable and confident whether on a large studio build, a foreign service job or an animation project.

Her favourite scripts do of course start with the line “We open on a beach”. But having been rained off in Monaco and Antigua, a studio shoot is fine too.