Rosa Galvin

Production assistant CV | Instagram  After being inhouse for three years at various Produ [...]

Lottie Taylor

production assistant   CV | Instagram  My first steps into production occurred age [...]

Yann Julien

Production assistant CV Yann Julien works remotely to assist and coordinate any production ne [...]

Suzan Mustafa

Production assistant Website | CV  Suzan is a Commercials Production Assistant based in [...]

Sorcha Anglim

Production assistant Website | CV  Sorcha has been dipping her toes in and out of the c [...]

Rabia Glynn

Production assistant CV | CV Long Format  Coming from Sydney 5 years ago I knew I w [...]

Reba Gaynor

Production assistant CV Reba learnt the production ropes working in-house at MindsEye before [...]

Rob Rogan

junior production manager | production assistant CV Rob is passionate about people and filmmak [...]

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