Rob Leonard


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I am an experienced freelance producer and EP working mainly in commercials, but with experience in stills, feature films, short films and music videos ranging across all genres. I love all manner of shooting film, whether on skis astride a remote glacier at 3500m at dawn, or in a studio running 4 motion control units in unison at a bonkers frame rate. I have shot around the world and have great contacts and friendships as a result. I have a wealth of experience on UK & US jobs.

Over the years I have worked with directors such as Ian Pons Jewell, Dan Tobin Smith, thirtytwo, Sara Dunlop, Georgi Banks-Davies, Isaiah Seret to name but a few. 

I originally come from Dublin, Ireland, and my background is in Law, which definitely helps as a producer. I consider myself a calm and considerate producer, with an eye for detail, a pride in good communication and a drive for perfection. I love problem solving, there is always a way!

On a personal level I am a proud husband and father of two young boys. I’m an outdoors enthusiast, music and film nut. I treat people as I wish to be treated. I have made lifelong friends working in our amazing industry. I love what I do.