Tom Pritchett



Ever wondered who’s behind those unforgettable commercials that make you laugh, cry or wonder “what did I just watch?”. Well meet Tom, the not so-secret ingredient in the world of tv advertising. P.S… I come with a dash of humour and a whole lot of quirky charm.

Known for his excellent teamwork and positive attitude he fosters a productive and enjoyable working environment on set. He thrives on collaboration and is always open to feedback.

When it comes to commercials, Tom knows how to hit the mark, although on the golf course he knows how to hit the fairway (most of the time). It’s all about finding that sweet spot, whether it’s behind the camera or with a nine iron in hand.

When he’s not busy making commercials, he is also known for his uncanny ability to turn a simple golf swing into a cinematic masterpiece. Who knew shouting “Action!” on the tee box could improve your game?

Remember, “Kindness is free, Sprinkle it everywhere”