Sorcha O’Sullivan

Production manager

“A tour de force” *****

“Now that’s what I call budgeting” *****

“The performance of a lifetime” *****

Despite my critical acclaim, I’m a down to earth gal who started as receptionist at a production company fresh out of university and has worked her way up the production ladder to become an experienced Production Manager. In my over 10 years in the industry I have worked on a variety of budgets from small content jobs to big money TVCs. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top production companies, directors, talent and clients in London, across the UK and abroad. It has been said that I am “swan-like” in my approach to production, working hard to run everything smoothly with a smile on my face, particularly in the more taxing moments that come with the job. I pride myself on my level headedness and ability to find solutions to challenges. 

Each project being different, the team-work approach and the ‘That’s a Wrap’ elation are what I love about working in Production. It’s also taught me a lot of lessons, a big one being; always turn up to set with a well-stocked production bag and a good sense of humour.