Polly Leach

Production manager

I always knew I wanted to work in film, and started my tour of unit base car parks longer ago than I care to mention.  The beauty of that is the experience I’ve gained, managing productions large and small and travelling the world.  I started in newspaper commercials 1000 years ago. Turning a production around quickly, maintaining attention to detail, whilst ensuring a solid and efficient production, became an art form.   I work on more challenging projects now, but my production values & work ethic are just as important to me now as they were.  Once I dared to dream even bigger and went to work on movies and live in L.A.   Incredibly valuable for varying my production disciplines and building my industry relationships. Hopefully I bring it all to the production (trestle) table.  I’ve worked with some talented people on fantastic jobs and I haven’t finished the car park tour yet!