Polly du Plessis


I am a strong, experienced, hands on Producer, with keen knowledge of working practices across all departments from creative inception to the post-production phase. With experience in short and long-form production, across small and large budget creative challenges, I am often assigned complicated and intricate productions, and am known for my creative eye and calm approach.
My most recent production endeavor was the multi-festival-award-winning feature film ‘How to Stop A Recurring Dream,’ directed by Ed Morris. The film has been picked up by both Apple TV and Amazon and will debut on streaming services in early 2021.
With over 25 years of production experience I started my career at Palace Pictures in the late 80’s, training under Steve Woolley and JoAnne Sellar, making movies such as Hardware and Dust Devil with Richard Stanley.
I then went on to make music videos for the likes of Madonna, Elvis Costello, Morrisey and Duran Duran, before moving into a highly successful commercials career.
My career in advertising has taken me all over the world, producing major campaigns with a global roster of directors and award-winning creative agencies for the likes of Adidas, Nike and Coca Cola. I have managed productions across Europe, the US and South America.