Minhaz Hossain

junior production assistant | director’s assistant | 3rd AD | Runner 

Just like most people I started in the industry as a runner many moons ago and worked my way up to a crowd 3rd/ 3rd AD and since the pandemic I have also been working as a Covid Supervisor. I divide my time between my day job as a Covid Supervisor, as an independent film maker and a reservist in the RAF as a regiment gunner which includes lot of weekend & adventure trainings.

I am therefore a Covid Supervisor with plenty of experience in the TV and Film Industry on a wide variety of productions.

I have been fortunate enough to be part of some major productions as Covid Supervisor that has been shot during the pandemic, over the last couple of years. I hope I can be part of lots more amazing projects.

I will mention a few similarities that I have noticed in the manner in which the RAF operate and we operate in the TV & film industry- it’s all about team work, the work doesn’t stop when the weather isn’t on your side and work hard party even harder.