Lucas Harding

1st assistant director

In over 30 years as a 1st AD I have worked on all aspects within the filming process and have amassed a vast range of experience; planes, trains and automobiles and crowds in the 1000s. From many years fun and hard graft, I have built a well expected reputation amongst my peers, always applying a ‘there’s always a way’ attitude to every job.

I have a very expansive knowledge of the post production process which I have brought to numerous post heavy projects, helping to lighten the technical load for directors and producers where tricky and challenging shots are required.

I have coordinated on many large-scale car shoots, involving tracking vehicles and aerial and worked in many different cities and countries including projects for Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

I have experience of large scale embargoed car shoots; coordinated on various boat to boat and underwater shoots where my experience ‘on or under’ the water has proved invaluable to my employers.

Now the kids are older, wiser and moved away I have taken the opportunity to get into a few more longer term projects including; 2nd unit 1st AD on Brave New World , Lazarus , War of the Worlds, Magpie Murders and Ist AD on Pretty Red Dress with Dionne Edwards.

More recently, I have been involved in a few virtual background projects in the last year which again has rekindled my desire to learn.

I feel I bring a wealth of experience to these projects and even after all these years, bring a freshness and enthusiasm to the role.