Kwesi McLeod

2nd assistant director | 3rd assistant director | runner | 

With a career spanning 10 years plus, Kwesi has worked in long form, features, live events and broadcasts, short films, promos and stills with a focus on commercials and AD’ing.

Kwesi has learned from some of the very best ADs in the industry and thus has experience working with high profile Directors and Talent.

After taking a short hiatus from 2017 – 2020 to work as a photographer’s assistant and also a stint as a bouncer, Kwesi came back into TV commercials with real life experience in remaining calm and collected under pressure and a deeper appreciation of nuanced communication.

He is patient, pragmatic and diplomatic and believes in listening and collaboration.

Kwesi’s positive attitude and calm presence on set has won him many friends not only on set but in life.

This paired with his calming voice, has most recently provided him opportunities to successfully give voice over for a number of projects therefore adding another nuanced string to his bow.”