Kanhaiya Trivedi – BTS

bts | self-shooter | photographer


Crafting narratives in a single frame during the day and at 24fps by night, I find immense joy in capturing the essence of emotions and moods through my lens. Whether amidst the bustling streets or on a meticulously curated set, my approach remains untethered, driven by an unwavering passion for storytelling.
With a solid foundation in documentary and street photography spanning four years, I’ve cultivated instincts that guide me to the right place at the right time. No scene is mundane, and I thrive on challenging viewers to let their imaginations run wild as they engage with my work.
Specialising in photographing people, I have a unique ability to approach subjects intimately, seamlessly blending into the surroundings without causing discomfort. My lens captures genuine and honest moments that resonate with authenticity.
Whether navigating the controlled environment of a locked set or immersing myself in the dynamic chaos of an outdoor shoot, I excel in both realms. From on-set photography in live broadcasting shows to unconventional locations like atop a moving bus, my adaptability shines through. My style is a reflection of the shoot’s essence, ensuring that each photo seamlessly integrates with the unique character of the project at hand.