Kanhaiya Trivedi – runner

runner | BTS

I graduated from Metfilm School, London last year with a MA in Directing. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to receive a firsthand recommendation to join the RED. In December 2022, I was welcomed by the team under the Action for Allyship programme, which aims to promote diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

Since June 2023, I have been working with RED as a full-fledged runner, gaining invaluable experience on a wide range of projects including commercials, music videos, and features. I approach each set with enthusiasm and a commitment to ensuring its smooth and effective operation. I have had the privilege of assisting Assistant Directors and Production teams, while also taking care of the cast, extras, and agency.

My diverse background in law and military training during my schooling and university years naturally draws me to scheduling and overseeing the logistics of a film set. With my well-rounded skills in various aspects of filmmaking, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the workflow and operations of each department and stage. This knowledge allows me to effectively utilise my skills on set, ensuring that all aspects of production run seamlessly.

By combining my academic training, practical experience, and strong organisational abilities, I am confident in my ability to contribute positively to any project I am involved in.