Jonny Kight


My Production Principles. 

  1. Always serve the creative.
  2. Make as much money as possible.
  3. If the creative is sh*t, refer to rule No. 2.
  4. The vibe (people and atmosphere) must be right on the job.
  5. Look after your crew.
  6. Treat the client with respect.
  7. Always enjoy the job.
  8. Amongst the stress, keep it fun yet serious in the office and on set.
  9. In times of stress, keep focused whilst understanding the reality that affects us.
  10. Work like you are getting paid a million dollars.
  11. Never go into the red!
  12. Never see or act enraged!
  13. Make a plan.
  14. Always stick to the plan
  15. Do the right thing; act virtuously.