Joe Heap – BTS

BTS | Self Shooter

Joe has been shooting and working behind the camera since he first held his first DSLR capable of video back in 2013, starting with a group of childhood friends making short films for local festivals he has gone on to start his own video production company making music videos, BTS and branded content. Confident and energised for all things video Joe takes an incredible amount of pleasure creating and crafting the best images possible for any given brief and leaps at any opportunity to work outside the box to make his visuals stand out. Still young into his career Joe is passionate and motivated about his future and can’t wait to perfect his craft. 
Joe is a proficient self shooter with a large variety of skills and kit worthy of any job big or small and can always find the best way to complete a project, happy to shoot video or stills, light, record audio and edit whenever needed he also has a large network of people to crew up if required