James Hatcher

Production manager

James put his degree from Sussex University to good use and upon graduating became a debt collector. This was the role in which James probably brought most joy to people’s lives. Unlike all of his colleagues and realising that most debt problems were caused by irresponsible lending or unfortunate circumstances, James set about cancelling debt, forgiving loans and setting as ludicrously generous repayment terms as his lowly position would allow. It is a point of fact that in the late 90’s, literally hundreds of Loyds/TSB customers would have woken up one morning, opened a letter from the aforementioned banks debt collection agency of choice, punched the air, let out a cry of jubilation and headed off to the bookies knowing that weeks giro could be placed on Compton Bolter in the 3:30 at Chester races.

Realising he had a knack for helping the disadvantaged James took a job at an advocacy organisation in Kathmandu that specialised in working with and rescuing children from child labour, sexual exploitation, destitution and homelessness. It was heart-warming and harrowing in equal measure. If helping people with credit card debt had offered satisfaction, rescuing kids from paedophiles provided a true sense of worth and it was at this point James understood his talents might be best utilised working in Television.

James started out working as a runner, PA and Production Manager with Jeff Stark at Stark Films. Jeff won lots of awards including golden arrows and golden lions etc. These awards were nothing to do with James, he was just fortunate to be there learning at such an auspicious time. James Production Managed and Line Produced for the legendary Daniel Kleinman. Daniel became the most awarded director on the planet. Once again, the awards had nothing to do with James, he just soaked it all up and learned a lot. From there James Production Managed and sometimes Produced for Ringan Ledwidge who consistently rated as the most awarded director in London and the US. It must be stressed this had nothing to do with James, he just happened to be there, once again, learning.

James is a veteran of multiple Nike and Adidas World Cup and Euro championship global campaigns, the type of jobs that shoehorn 6 countries, 16 athletes and 3 years work into 4 months of your life. He has procured service production in over twenty countries, principalities, tax havens and failed states across the globe for some of the most awarded directors on the planet. He’s stopped riots and wrestled an alligator, crash landed a plane, had fist fights with racists, negotiated with the Saudi military machine for drone flights over Riyadh, deep faked the Queen and always, always been back in time for breakfast.