Harriet Staples

Production manager

I started in TV Commercials in 2007 and over the past 14 years have worked on a vast number of shoots, both large and small, in the UK and Worldwide.

I love cold water swimming, currently “swimming skins” (my technical lingo is coming along) in 7-degree lakes.

I hate ordering late break.

I love being on set and seeing all those hours hunched over a laptop come to fruition.

I hate ordering late break.

When I’m not turning a quarry in Prague into the Moon, ordering a kitten to come to set for talent to cuddle (true story) or sitting on a curb on a tech recce, I am swimming amongst ducks in the open water.

I have a great relationship with London crew, suppliers & production companies. I am a big believer in the Film Family and have met many of my closest friends through work.