Emanuele Constantini

sound recordist

Welcome to my RED room.

I am London based, with experience in the film, TV, music, and VR industries: I work both in production and post-production sound. You can find me on set juggling countless microphones or lost somewhere deep in a remote tropical forest heavily bitten by mosquitoes, to catch the needed sound for the project. Otherwise, when back home, editing, sound designing, composing soundscapes or fixing gear that gave in on the last production.

I creatively combine different techniques for projects that, according to the rules they shouldn’t: it’s a good deal of planning, talks, and brainstorming with the director, achieving its vision to tell that story.

After 20 years I stopped counting how long I am doing this job for, in many different languages around the world, where I met an uncountable number of people and made many friends along the way.

Please to meet you. Let’s start.


Feature Film & Long Form  CV on request