Ellen Claridge

costume designer Ellen Claridge is a freelance Costume Designer and Stylist based in London. Afte [...]

Anna Laflin

costume designer I have been designing costume and wardrobe for over 20 years and have worked on [...]

Lorraine Kinman

costume designer Lorraine’s natural flair for costume design started at an early age. The arts, [...]

Poppy Bell

costume designer Poppy is a freelance costume designer and stylist based in London with over a de [...]

Sharon Lovett Lampi

costume designer Sharon Lovett Lampi, has gained a wealth of experience as a Costume Designer, in [...]

Vicki Russell

costume designer Born and raised near Portobello market in swinging London, Vicki’s love of cost [...]

Zelda Sellars

costume designer I am a London based costume designer. Mainly working on commercials and stills. [...]

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