Alice Pitt Carter

Junior production manager | Production assistant


I started out as an actor and quickly realised I preferred bossing them around than being one, so headed into production (nothing to do with not getting any parts, obviously…….)

I started out in house for 2 years at a Production Company / Agency Hybrid, so learned both sides with an incredible old school mentor. On going freelance, after an amazing PM and now very good friend rescued me gathering dust in a corner, I ran, Production ran, Production Assisted and now Production Manage and occasionally Produce. I’m loving the variation in work and adventure and want to keep pushing to learn more and meet more epic crews. 

Costume Supervising: Interspersed with Commercials I Costume Supervise on long form for the wonderful Designer Verity Hawkes which deepens my knowledge of different departments; the pretty major differences in long and short form practices and gives me the opportunity to manage big teams with constantly changing schedules. I’m finding this helps me to be more adaptable when I’m in my production head and gives me a unique oversight when dealing with the challenges thrown our way!

I also have a little Renault Kangoo van that I challenge you to not be able to fit the contents of your house inside. Which.. is useful… she says.